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Spellings -


Weekly spellings will be sent home every Friday with your child, for a test in class the following week. Our spellings to practice at home this week are...



Practise 1

(copy into space)

Practise 2

(fold and hide)

Can spell word

(check and correct)

Spelling tip:

‘ch’ can make a sound like ‘sh’ (e.g. shoot-chute).  Most of these words come from French.























*Some pupils may have a paper set of high frequency spellings. Please check with me if you are unsure what to practise. 


Rock Star Maths - As a class we complete our timetables test 3 times per week. This week is the 12 times table. 


Mathletics - Children have been provided with logins to access their online Mathletics accounts at home. Weekly challenges will be set on this by Miss Rooney, for your child to complete if possible.


Topic - This half term our project will focus around 'Ancient Civilizations' in particular looking at The Mayans. Similarly to last term, children will be asked to bring in a piece of homework of their choice, that focuses on our class topic. Homework for this can be brought in any time throughout the term leading up to February half term. Here are some suggestions to get you started...


Written tasks:

-  What is Chichen Itza and why is it important?

- What sports were played by the Mayans? Could you write a match report for one of them?

- What were the religious beliefs of the Mayans? Could you write about their religious practices in a non-chronological report?

- What did the Mayans like to eat? Could you create a menu for a Mayan café?

- What is the Mayan calendar? Could you add Mayan events/dates to the calendar?

- Why did the Mayans sacrifice people? Could you write a newspaper article as if you are at a sacrifice?

- What was everyday life like for the Mayan people? Could you write a diary, using lots of descriptive detail to show your reader what homes, clothes, education were like?


Art / Design tasks:

- Could you write your name beautifully in Mayan hieroglyphics?

- Could you draw and label an amazing Mayan costume, stating why it is worn?

- Could you create a colourful Mayan mask?

- Could you make a mini version of Top Trumps using the Mayan gods?

- Could you write a secret message in Mayan hieroglyphics for the class to work out?

- Could you make a Mayan pyramid?


Here are some websites to get you started with your homework 



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