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Irregular tense changes

Most past tense verbs in English end with ‘-ed’, but many do not. Many do not follow the rule. They are called Irregular Verbs.

  • Vowels are the letters ‘a’, ‘e’, ‘i’, ‘o’, ‘u’, all other letters are consonants.
  • Vowels can make a short sound (‘e’ as in ‘met’) or a long sound (‘e’ as in ‘meet’).
  • A suffix is a letter or letters added to the end of a word to make another word.
  • Verbs are doing words or actions (run, jump, shout etc).
  • Tenses show when something happens and can be past (was, were), present (is, are) or future (will be).



Practise 1

(copy into space)

Practise 2

(fold and hide)

Can spell word

(check and correct)

Spelling tip:

‘ee’ together make a long ‘e’ sound (ee).























Rock Star Maths - As a class we complete our timetables test 3 times per week. This week is the 9  times table.


Mathletics - Children have been provided with logins to access their online Mathletics accounts at home. Weekly challenges will be set on this by Miss Rooney, for your child to complete if possible.


Topic - This half term our project will focus around Countries of the World. Similarly to last term, children will be asked to bring in a piece of homework of their choice, that focuses on our class topic. Homework for this can be brought in any time throughout the term leading up to the Easter holiday. Here are some suggestions to get you started...


- Research a country of your choice and create a presentation to share with the class. 

- Recreate a piece of artwork from your chosen country. 

- Find out about food from different areas of the worlds and create a dish for the class to share. 


Here are some websites to get you started with your homework 



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