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Homework 1

Homework is typically given out on Mondays and will contain a mixture of activities to be completed by the end of that week or by the end of the half-term.


Tasks to be completed by the end of each week:

Spellings - Weekly spellings will be given which will include National Curriculum statutory words as well as words that relate to our topic.

The words should be learnt by writing them within a sentence as well as by completing a suggested game/activity.

Mathletics - Weekly tasks will be set which link to lessons that have been recently taught.


Tasks to be completed by the end of each half-term:

Topic - There will be an open-ended research project that links to our current project. Projects link to our Wonder Week work and they studied over the course of each half-term.

Homework - week beginning 4th February

Circle Of Life- The Lion King (lyrics)

Click on the link to learn the song for our upcoming class assembly.

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