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Topic homework

This half term our topic is South America. Children have been asked to bring in a piece of homework of their choice, that focuses on our class topic. Homework for this can be brought in any time throughout the term leading up to the Easter holiday.


Here are some suggestions to get you started...

- Research a country/area in South America of your choice and create a presentation to share with the class.

- Recreate a piece of artwork/sculpture from your chosen country.

- Find out about food from different areas in the continent and create a dish for the class to sample.

- Write a quiz, comprehension, word-search, crossword or treasure hunt for your class to complete.



Spellings are practised daily and linked to handwriting practice. The current focus is on applying the the statutory word list (click here) to our independent writing.

Look at the spelling words that start with 'a'. Write them down and put them in a sentence that show their meaning in context.


Click here to access additional online resources.


Times tables of the week - 11 x table

All week we will be practising the 11 times tables in RockStar Maths.

Practise these two multiplication tables and, whilst you're practising, identify the common multiples of the two times tables.


Making learning stick by learning online

At the bottom of the class homepage is a wide range of web-pages. Click on any of them to recap topics from earlier in the year or to delve deeper to one of the current topics.


Also, there are a wide range of resources to help you learn more about core English and Maths skills (especially mental maths). Click on the links and enjoy learning!

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