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This half term we have been very busy learning lots throughout different subjects:


  • In English we will have been reading our Power of Reading book 'The Ice Palace'
  • In Maths we have been be looking at Measurement, focusing on Length and Perimeter. We will also begin our sequence of work on Multiplication and Division strategies.  
  • In Science we have become experts in States of Matter! Developing and showcasing an understanding of all areas of states of matter, including how materials can change from one state to another, through a large range of simple practical experiments.
  • As part of our Adventure Project we have been looking at  and researching volcanoes alongside many other incredible adventure stories.
  • In French we have been learning about the weather alongside studying the calendar. Here we will be learning days of the week, numbers to 31 and months of the year. 
  • In Computing we looked into programming and learning about coding and control on 'Code.org' which the children loved!
  • Our Expressive Art focus this half term has been Drama with a particular focus on Dance ahead of our Christmas Production.
  • In Religious Education we have continued to look at inspirational figures and ask 'Who Inspires Us?'
  • Our SMSC and Coaching focuses this half term were Relationships, responsibility and kindness.
  • Finally in Physical Education our 'Real PE' focus on 'Social' and to skills needed to become a great team player!


We hope you enjoy browsing through some photos of our classroom learning walls from this half term. 

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