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Art, Wellbeing and Skyspaces


This week in Art we are going to be exploring ways of being creative and fostering our wellbeing. The lesson begins with an Art and wellbeing activity which is more about the experience than creating a great masterpiece!


The lesson then develops your creativity, skills and knowledge through the work of inspiring contemporary artist James Turrell whose Skyspaces are held all over the world including the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.


 You will be designing and creating your own Skyspaces - feel free to use your imagination and whatever materials you have at home.

Most of all - have fun!

 Create a Skyspace


  • You are going to create your own Skyspace using circles, sky and a limited colour palette
  • How will you design it?
  • Explore different ways of sketching it out. Remember your circles don't need to be perfect!
  • Choose different shades of the same colour to work with – see how many you can make!
  • Use pencil first and then paint – mix with white to create  different shades. If you want to use another colour too you can, but try and limit your palette.


Remember to upload to dojo and share with us!

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