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Challenge Time!


Keeping things fun and active is really important during your time at home!


Below you will find lots of different challenges, that have been set by Class Teachers, to take part in at home. Feel free to pick and choose these as you wish. Any extra work will be rewarded on Class Dojo!


You could even challenge yourself to see how many challenges you can complete!

Have Fun!


Time to take a break from learning! ✋🏼     

Why not create your own indoor obstacle course?

How many creative ways can you move across the room without touching the floor? 🤸🏼‍♂️

Check out this awesome indoor course for inspiration: https://youtu.be/FKF6iPL3kTc

Don’t forget to record your obstacle courses and post them on Class Dojo to share with the rest of the class! 3...2...1...GO


Making time and space for reading!

Families are trying to balance a lot at the moment. Recreating a full school timetable won’t be possible or even advisable for many, but some routine can help. Making reading part of that routine can look different for every school and every family. Good ides include planning a Drop Everything And Read session each week that families can opt in to, suggesting that they take part in #ReadingLunch every Thursday or focusing on bedtime reading.

Making a comfy space to read at home is also a fun activity for children to try. With a blanket or a cushion and a corner just for them, they can have a perfect hideaway to dive into a story.


Write a book review for every book you complete over lockdown. You can create them electronically or by hand, make it as colourful and informative as possible. Make sure you keep them all together then when we get back to school we can use them as a catalogue for recommendations in the library! 

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