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Our Science topic is 'classification'. We will be focusing on the work of Swedish scientist Carl Von Linnaeus and the classification system he developed. We will be researching and classifying reptiles, birds and mammals that live in South America (this will link our Science lessons to our Project lessons).


On this page, you will find a range of resources that will help you study this topic in greater detail.

The work of Carl Linnaeus | Primary Science - SciTube

Suitable for teaching 7 to 11 year-olds. This vlog style film introduces the work of Swedish scientist, Carl Linnaeus. He talks about his scientific method - taxonomy - used for classifying plants, animals and stones. Subscribe for more Science clips from BBC Teach on Monday when we have them in: http://bit.ly/BBCSubscribeTeach If you found this video helpful, give it a like.

Carl Linnaeus

Uploaded by Learning with cartoons and animations on 2017-04-01.

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