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Tuesday 19th January

Spanish Food and Drink


Today you will start off by looking at vegetables (verdura or vegetales.) It is important that you try to say the words out loud as well as learning to spell them. Have a go at putting them in a sentence or even try and speak to someone else in Spanish!

Verduras - Vegetables

Have a look at the vocabulary below

TASK 2 - En mi cesto tengo



Have a go at writing a shopping list of your own vegetables. Note how much of each you would like.


Once you've written it, why not pretend to go shopping in your house, someone can be the shop-keeper and you can be the customer. Tell them what you have in your basket (don't forget your manners!)


En mi cesto tengo - In my basket I have

Quisiera... - I would like... 

Un kilo de… - One kilo of… 

Medio kilo de… - Half a kilo of…

Por favor - Please

Gracias - Thankyou

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