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Thursday 14th January


Science Investigation

Investigation: Is your hand-span the same in your dominant hand as your non-dominant hand?


TASK: Follow the steps below as you carry out your investigation.


  1. Write a Prediction of what you think will happen in your experiment.
  2. Draw a Results table to record your findings throughout the investigation.
  3. Measure the hand span of 3 different hands in your household. Remember to measure both the left and right hand. As you are trying to find out whether there is a different measurement between your dominant and non-dominant hands.
  4. Write a Method of the steps you followed (1,2,3 etc) to carry out your experiment. What equipment did you need? 
  5. Write a Conclusion about what you found during your experiment. Was your prediction correct? What would you change if you were to do this experiment again?

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