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Computing - Coding

Our current Computing unit is Coding. In this unit we are using the website code.org to complete activities that teach the fundamental skills of coding.


It is very simple to use and very enjoyable. You can complete tasks themed on Angry Birds, Frozen, Minecraft, Star Wars and many more.


Click on the link lower down in this webpage to access the website and start coding. It's free and you don't need an account to log in.

Angry Birds Coding

Angry Birds Coding 1

Why coding is important by Mark Zukerberg

It's a code.org, short film on the need of teaching coding in schools. Listen to big techies like Mark Zukerberg, Bill Gates, and many giants, explain the importance of learning coding right from the beginning and how It can impact society as a whole.

Tetris theme song

A song to help you code!

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