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Diversity is extremely important to us as a school and a community.

We are all members of a diverse community, both in school and where we live. 

The most important aspect of diversity is this - remember to respect other people's rights to be an individual and to pursue the life and interests that they wish to.

The next most important aspect of diversity is this - enjoy being yourself and exploring your own interests, ideas and passions.

Having diversity in a community is a fantastic opportunity to learn and grow as individuals as it gives the chance to experience new and different ideas and events.

Take a moment to look at the artwork above. Notice how hands, trees and the colours of the rainbow are often used as a symbol and visual metaphor for diversity - why do you think these items and colours are used in diversity art?

Click on the links below, and watch the embedded videos, to learn more about diversity and why it is important and beneficial to us all.


Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

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Welcome to Riverside Junior School

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