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Thursday - DT

Investigating Existing Board Games 

This half term we are going to be working in groups to design our own board games! You will investigate what makes existing board games a success before making choices about what to make for your very own game... 
Over the next few weeks you will:
  • Experience working in a group
  • Play different board games!
  • Design your very own board games...
  • Problem Solve
  • Create your very own board game...
  • Get marketing! 
  • HAVE FUN! 

What's your favourite board game?!

Today, we will be looking at existing board games!
That's right... you get to play games all afternoon!
By investigating the pros and cons of existing board games, you should have a good idea about what makes a successful board game and which pitfalls there are to avoid...

Your task 


Spend time playing a game thinking about :

  • The rules
  • How the winner is decided
  • What you like 
  • What you don't like...


This is really about analysing what makes this game work...


Questions for discussion afterwards


  • Do you prefer group games or 1v1 games?
  •  Do some games have rules that are too complicated? 
  • Are some games more likely than others to create disagreements? 
  • Do some games require a higher level of brain power than others? Is that a good thing? 

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