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Creative Writing

‘Once upon a time…’

Task: Every week you are going to use your imagination to create and write your own stories. Use this story opener to write the next 2 paragraphs for your fiction story.

It was night time and most of the other passengers were asleep. The sound of muffled music and snoring filled the air. As I struggled to get comfortable, I rested my head against the window. It was then that I saw it...



Can you try to include the following in your story:         


  • At least 2 characters with chosen names.
  • A detailed description of the setting using adjectives and think about your 5 senses!
  • At least one problem to be resolved throughout the story.
  • DADWAVERS to vary sentence openings (Description, Action, Dialogue, Where, Adverb, Verb, Estimate of time, Rhetorical questions, Simile and Metaphors)
  • Fronted adverbials.
  • 3 ED sentences.
  • Double ly ending sentences.
  • Some;other sentences.
  • Noun, who/which/where sentences.


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