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Creative Writing

‘Once upon a time…’

Task: Every week you are going to use your imagination to create and write your own stories. Use this story opener to write the next 2 paragraphs for your fiction story.

It was at that moment he saw me. I stood still. Frozen with fear and unable to move. My heart pounded, my head spun. Despite it all, he had kind eyes and maybe, just maybe, he wasn't going to hurt me after all...



Can you try to include the following in your story:         


  • At least 2 characters with chosen names.
  • A detailed description of the setting using adjectives and think about your 5 senses!
  • At least one problem to be resolved throughout the story.
  • DADWAVERS to vary sentence openings (Description, Action, Dialogue, Where, Adverb, Verb, Estimate of time, Rhetorical questions, Simile and Metaphors)
  • Fronted adverbials.
  • 3 ED sentences.
  • Double ly ending sentences.
  • Some;other sentences.
  • Noun, who/which/where sentences.


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