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Creative Writing

Going Under

Task 1

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need your help to get better. Can you help by adding punctuation, up-levelling the language and adding information?


I went into the water. It felt nice. I could see stuff underwater.

Going Under

Task 2

Look at the photo above and answer the following questions:


  1. What are the three people diving in from?
  2. Why are they diving into the water?
  3. Is it a sea, river or lake? What is the different between each of these things?
  4. What equipment are the people using? Why are they using it?
  5. What other equipment might they have worn?
  6. What might they see underwater?
  7. Are humans good at swimming?
  8. Which other animals are good at swimming?
  9. What makes certain animals better swimmers than others?

Task 3

Story starter!

It was a beautiful, clear day, and the three divers plunged into the water…



Sentence challenge!

Imagine you are one of the divers.

Can you write a description of what the water feels like when you dive in?

Can you describe what you can see under the water?

Try to include interesting verbs and adverbs to describe how you move when you’re underwater.


Can you draw a picture of something the divers might see under the water?

Please fill out this reading challenge over the summer holidays and bring it back in September

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