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Friday 27th November 2020


Morning everyone, 

Today, we are going to use a range of cohesive devices to join all of our paragraphs together. Before we do that, I've set aside fifteen minutes just for reading.




The Raven

Now we have our three paragraphs, we can start to connect them so they flow more steadily. In English, we call this using cohesive devices. One such cohesive device is the use of adverbials of time, place and cause and effect. Have a look at the attached SPaG mat to identify the different groups of these.

Where could you begin to fit these into your own writing to link all of your action together? As this is your first draft, I suggest that you play around with some of your clauses, which ones sound best with the subordinate clause first? Have you managed to use parenthesis when considering their order?
Below, I have attached an example of how this might look when applied to your own writing. Like all writers, I have borrowed and changed phrases I've been seeing in your writing throughout the week to make my own stronger!

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