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Friday 4th December 2020

To write the first draft of a persuasive letter


You've learnt a lot about writing persuasive letters - now it's time to write your own! You can use all the material from throughout the week as an example of what a good one should look like (I've attached another below for good measure!)


There is a template that you might want to use if you are struggling to find a 'way in' to your writing and some sentence stems to help.


Suggestions for good practice

  • Write on lined paper with a sharp pencil or black/blue pen
  • Use the handwriting you would use in class
  • Check for non-negotiables such as capital letters for proper nouns


Sentence stems

What A Good One Looks Like

This example is far from perfect. As you read, consider the changes that could be made especially with regards to tense, spelling and punctuation - what would you do differently?

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