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Monday 1st March 2021


Welcome to the second lesson in our country study of Australia! Today, we are going to be learning about the different landforms that make up the continent. From the high rainfall on the Costal Plains to the red desert of the Central Lowlands, we'll be learning about the impact that the weather and climate has on this fascinating and diverse landscape.

Watch the video below. Match five of the locations to one of the four major landform regions and give a reason for your answer. You do not have to name each specific landmark but we will be very impressed if anyone can correctly identify any of the landmarks in the video!

Natural Wonders of Australia

Australia, Uluru, Ayres Rock, 12 Apostles, Kangaroo, Koala, Echidna, 3 Sisters, Natural Wonders. Captured over a period of three years this video highlights ...

Look at the maps below. They explore the different regions in the country and show important landmarks. You'll need them to answer your final questions!

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