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Click on the links below to access geometry problem solving activities

Coordinates song


How to plot coordinates.

Translations: Reflections and Rotations

Transformation means the movement of objects. Transformation can be done in a number of ways, including reflection, rotation, and translation. Reflection is flipping an object across a line without changing its size or shape. Rotation is rotating an object about a fixed point without changing its size or shape.

Learning Your 2D Shapes

Learning your 2D shapes is an important part of maths. You will be required to know the names of different 2D shapes and the properties of 2D shapes.


What are Trapeziums and Kites?

Understand the different properties of quadrilaterals.

Parallel, Perpendicular & Intersecting Lines

Regular & Irregular Polygons

Regular and Irregular Polygons


What is the difference between a regular and irregular polygon?

Learn about polygons and how to classify them.

The Circle Song - radius, diameter and circumference

How to Find Area and Perimeter

This outer space-themed video teaches the concepts of area and perimeter. Students learn how to calculate the area of rectangles by counting unit squares and the perimeter by adding side lengths, and then by using the formulas length x width and (2 x length) + (2 x width).

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