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Homework books will be sent out on a Friday and are expected to be back in school by the following Wednesday, as homework will form part of our Thursday learning time. 



Weekly spellings will be sent home every Friday with your child, for a test in class the following week. Spellings will be updated weekly on the website.

Spelling list for this week for 3/4S:

  • strange 
  • strength
  • suppose
  • surprise
  • therefore 
  • though 
  • although 
  • thought



Maths Homework

Your child has received a maths homework sheet for this week, we encourage them to discuss any misconceptions they have with an adult. Please speak to any of the year 3/4 teachers if you have any further questions.

Maths focus this half term:

  • Multiplication and Division


Times Table Rock Stars: https://ttrockstars.com/

This half term the children have been provided with personal accounts for our new Times Tables scheme. Work will be set by teachers weekly for children to practice at home and in school.


Topic Homework

This half term our project will focus around 'The Anglo-Saxons'. Children are required to bring in a piece of homework of their choice, that focuses on our class topic. Homework for this can be brought in any time before the end of term. 

Topic homework can be art based, written pieces, presentations, performances, food etc. Here are a few possible ideas to get you started...


  • Draw and colour a picture of an Anglo-Saxon. What is he/she wearing? (You will need to research this first).
  • Why not pretend you are an archaeologist who has dug up a box of Anglo Saxon artefacts. What could be inside?
  • Create an Anglo Saxon diary entry
  • Create your own Sutton Hoo helmet/mask using whatever materials you have. You could also decorate it using tin foil or buttons. 
  • Create a ‘Wanted Poster, which includes a description of the criminal, states what crime has been committed and what the punishment is. Look at this website for ideas. http://topicbox.net/geograph y/anglo_saxons/5655/
  • Explain how life in the Anglo Saxon times was different to today.
  • Write a story from the point of view of Beowulf
  • Create an Anglo Saxon timeline.  Write your own Old English phrasebook.
  • Write an Anglo Saxon play. This could be performed and videoed for the class to enjoy.
  • Write a food diary for one day as if you were member of an Anglo Saxon household.

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