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Hyphens, dashes and brackets


Hyphens are used to link words that are related to each other, and most commonly we'll use hyphens to link multiple adjectives that describe something. An example is a sentence like this: This is a one-way street.


What is the effect of adding a hyphen between two words? When a hyphen was added to link the words 'bird' and 'eating', how did it change them?


When do you use a dash? - To make a dramatic pause - To change the pace of your writing - To call attention to a parenthetical phrase. But be careful! Overuse of the dash can make your writing OVER-DRAMATIC.


Parentheses work like an aside in a sentence or, as I like to think of it, a whisper. When you read a sentence and you come across a parentheses you feel like the author is almost whispering in your ear and saying, 'Here's a little bit of extra information.'

Parentheses (Brackets, Dashes and Commas)

Brackets, dashes & commas to indicate parenthesis

How to use brackets, dashes and commas to insert extra information into a sentence. Questions: What is parenthesis? What is the most formal punctuation mark you can use to show parenthesis?

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