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Our amazing award winning school dinners are all freshly prepared each day on the premises, using local produce and vegetables from our school garden when available. Our catering team provide nutritional school meals, consisting of a main course and dessert with a daily vegetarian option. Our aim is to encourage your child to eat healthily and try our fantastic meals at the affordable price of £2.20 per day.


Parents are asked to pay in advance, weekly, monthly or half-termly and we encourage parents to pay for dinners using an online secure payment system SchoolMoney.


If parents wish, pupils may bring a packed lunch to school. These are eaten in the dining hall alongside the school dinner pupils. Pupils are asked to bring their lunch in containers that will be kept on a trolley in a cool area of the kitchen. Pupils bringing their own food are given a drink of water with their meal.


Applications for Free School Meals may be made direct to the Benefits Section of Calderdale Council. The administrative staff at school can advise about the procedure in case of difficulty. Please note that if the school has not received notification of entitlement to free meals parents/carers will be required to pay. This will then be refunded to you when notification is received, from the appropriate date.



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