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Reading Comprehension

David Attenborough


Sir David Attenborough (1926–) is a British naturalist and television personality, world-famous for writing, presenting and producing award-winning wildlife documentaries. A great communicator, educator and campaigner, his distinctive voice has brought the world of wildlife into our homes for more than 60 years, captivating generations across the globe. Find out more about this much-loved icon of British television below! 


Task 1: You must read through the comprehension text carefully to make sure that you understand what it is about.


Task 2: Clarify the meanings of the following words.


  • Knighthood
  • Environmental Issues 
  • Naturalist 
  • High definition


Task 3: Re-read the text and answer the comprehension questions. Make sure that you underline or circle any writing in bold within the questions.

Relax with a mindfulness colouring!

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