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Reading Comprehension

Jason's bulb


Task 1: Read through the comprehension text, try reading it out loud to help your understanding.

Task 2: Clarify the meanings of the following words.

  • slung
  • lurched
  • urgently
  • keen
  • examine
  • poisonous
  • outgrown
  • teriffic


Task 3: Re-read the text and answer the comprehension questions.

Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension 1
Reading Comprehension 2


Have you had a go at planting some seeds or bulbs recently? Now that the weather is warm and sunny, it is a perfect opportunity to do some gardening or grow your own flowers, plants or herbs. Are there any plants that you don't know the name of? Can you find out what they are called? Are there any edible ones you can grow? What is the tallest plant in your area? 


Send Mr Howes some pictures of you having a go at being green-fingered!




Handwriting 1

gl, gi, gr, ga, gg 

Task: Practice your handwriting in your home learning books using the words below.

  • gleam
  • give
  • growl
  • gate
  • bigger
  • glisten
  • regiment
  • agriculture
  • backgammon
  • giggling


Can you write a paragraph using as many of today's words as possible?

Answers for Monday's Comprehension

Answers for Monday's Comprehension 1
Answers for Monday's Comprehension 2

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