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Monday 30th November 2020

Flashback Four

Morning All, 


I have attached the end of unit assessment for today's home learning. As always, this assessment is to identify the areas we need to work on - it is not a test! 


I have included some additional material in the folder at the bottom of the page. This includes the Year 4 assessment and a 'green' rated challenge. Of course, if you complete this learning and wish to have a go at any 'purple' or 'blue' challenges, you are more than welcome. 


One thing that this assessment might highlight is that we can get 'hung up' on the way a question is presented to us. My advice would be to highlight any numbers and maths vocabulary - there's nothing here we haven't covered in class! 


If any of you have any concerns, then reach out to me on Dojo - I'll be working my usual hours and I'm only ever a message away! As always, send across any learning or photographs and I'll have a look as well. All answers are down at the bottom of the page! 


Have a lovely Monday (I hope you enjoyed a small lie in!)

Miss Jenkins


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