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This extract is about the Apollo 13 mission! 

There are three levels of text and questions to choose from so feel free to challenge yourselves!

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Monday 30th November 2020


Morning All!


Before we do any more writing, I want to address something that keeps cropping up throughout a lot of your learning: using 'a and an' correctly. While I know a lot of you can use this independently, it doesn't always translate into your writing. Once you've completed this, you might want to have a look at your short stories from last week and see if there are any mistakes in there as well!


In the provision folder at the bottom of the page, I have attached a Powerpoint that explains why and when to use the article 'a' or 'an'. 


If you're looking for a challenge I'd love to know what role an 'article' or 'indefinite article' plays in your writing - what job does it do?


Miss Jenkins

Indefinite Articles


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