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Good Afternoon 5J!


This afternoon, we're going to be thinking about what we know about materials to group them using the scientific vocabulary that we've learnt throughout our topic: Materials and their Properties.


To begin, think about what the following words mean:

  • hard
  • soluble 
  • transparent
  • conductive
  • magnetic
  • translucent 


Which materials can you find around your homes that can be catagorised into these groups? I have a uploaded a template you might want to use but if you want to use your scientific skills of presenting your own table or data then feel free.


Can you think of any other scientific vocabulary you could use to classify your materials?


I look forwards to the results of your research and your pictures!

Miss Jenkins

Video Link


The link below connects to a Youtube video that follows a treasure hunt around a science teacher's house looking for materials and their properties. It highlight some more scientific vocabulary and could give you some ideas about which materials you want to test or examine for your own research!



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