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Monday - Science


LO: To understand the process of pollination in plants.


Pollination involves transferring pollen grains from the male anther of a flower to the female stigma. The goal of every living organism, including plants is to create offspring for the next generation. One of the ways that plants can produce offspring is by making seeds.

Task: Can you imagine a world without bees and pollinators? Bees play an essential role in keeping us and the planet healthy. Unfortunately, bees and other pollinators are under threat because of farming, pesticides and climate change. 


Today you are going to write a short campaign speech or poster about why we must 'SAVE THE BEES'! Use what you have learnt about pollination in today's lesson and watch the video below to help you.

Maybe you could even record you passionate speech and upload it to Class Dojo!

Imagine a world without bees...

Why not watch Bee Movie?

It is a great film that links very closely to today's lesson objective around pollination. 

Fresh out of college, Barry the Bee finds the prospect of working with honey uninspiring. He flies outside the hive for the first time and talks to a human, breaking a cardinal rule of his species. Barry learns that humans have been stealing and eating honey for centuries, and decides to sue humans after he learns about the exploitation of bees at the hands of mankind.

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