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Monday - Science

Animals and their teeth

Carnivores and herbivores have different types of teeth, to suit the type of food they eat.

Herbivores have teeth which are shaped to squash and grind plants.

Carnivores have teeth which are shaped to slice and rip the meat they eat. 


What are the names of teeth and what do they do? 


Incisors - Cut the food. They’re like the scissors at the front of your mouth!

Canines - Help you tear and grip food like French bread or meat!

Molars - Grind the food before you swallow it. They are at the back of your mouth.


Task 1 
Look through the animal skull pictures on the powerpoint below and see if you can identify what animal it is. Look carefully at the teeth. What might they eat? 

Animal Skulls Powerpoint

Task 2

Look at the worksheet below and answer the questions


Animal Teeth Worksheet

How do different animals use their teeth to eat? | BBC Teach

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