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Monday - Science

Light and Shadows


Can you observe light reflections?


Big Question – Do all materials reflect light?


Light travels in straight lines. 


Sometimes those lines bounce off materials and travel in another direction.


This is called reflection


We use reflective materials for lots of different thing, for example, wearing reflective materials helps other people to see you in the dark.



However, they will only work when a source of light, such as a torch, lamp or candle reflects off them.







Reflective clothing needs to be more visible in the dark when a light source is present, such as car headlights. Different colours reflect different amounts of lights. Certain colours and materials are chosen to be more reflective in the dark.


Your task


(You will need a torch for part of this investigation!)

If you have a good look around your house, you will discover lots of things that are reflective and for lots of different reasons. 

Your job is to explore different objects around your home investigating whether they are reflective or not.

  • Can you see your face?
  • Does it reflect the torch light?
  • Is the object designed to be reflective for a purpose?


Copy and complete the table below.


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