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Monday - Science

Light and Shadows


Is the sun dangerous?


Big Question – How can we protect our eyes?


What is the sun?

The Sun is a huge star that Earth and the other planets in our solar system orbit around.


Unlike other stars, the Sun is close enough to us for us to feel its heat.


Our Sun is just one star amongst billions of others!


It is a huge ball of gas full of ongoing nuclear reactions which emit massive amounts of heat, light and energy in to space!


Is the sun damaging to us?


The sun is good for us in the correct amounts, at the right times and if we are being sun smart. The sun provides us with vitamin D. Vitamin D helps us take in calcium for stronger, healthier bones.


The sun shines light to the earth, and part of that light has invisible UV rays. When these rays reach the skin, they cause tanning, burning, and other skin damage.The Sun’s light is so bright that it can damage your eyes if looked at directly...


Exposure to direct sun light can cause many problems and damage our eyesight permanently.


That is why it is important when the UV rating is high, to make sure we are sun smart.


How can we protect our eyes?


You should wear sunglasses when out in the sun. Sunglasses have a UV rating to show how well they block UV rays. Make sure you get sunglasses with a high UV rating.


Check out the video below which explains the importance of sunglasses further...


What do sunglasses do?

Join Professor Hallux as we take a look at how our eyes work and why we need to take care of them! Sunglasses are an easy way to shield them from harmful Ult...

Here are more ways to protect our eyes!

Your task 


Can you create a sun safety poster about the importance of protecting your eyes?


Use the information provided on this page and feel free to research further using the internet.


You must include:


  • An effective, eye catching layout
  • Persuasive language 
  • Reasons why the sun can harm your eyes
  • How you can avoid sun damage to your eyes



Extra - Why not design your own pair of sunglasses?

Don't forget to upload your work to Class Dojo/send to Mr Howes so that it can be celebrated!

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