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Monday - Science

Light and Shadows


Can you observe how shadows are formed?


Big Question – Can I create a shadow?


Objects that give out light are called sources of light.



Shadows are created when a source of light shines on an object but the light is blocked and does not pass through it.



We have three different types of materials :



An opaque material makes a dark shadow. A translucent material makes a faint shadow. A transparent material cannot make any shadow.


We can make shadows with our hands to create a hand shadow puppets! 

All you need to make your own shadow puppets are your hands, a wall and a light source.  A bedside lamp or table lamp works perfectly.

Put one hand between the light and the wall so that you can clearly see the shadow of your hand. 

Then, simply by changing the shape of your hand, you can make animals, birds and other characters come to life!

Have a go at the ones below.



We can also create shadow puppet shows! Watch the video below to see how it is done...

How to make your own shadow puppet theatre

Puppets are a great creative learning game for children. You can make your own shadow puppet theatre out of a cardboard box and help your kids put on their own puppet show.

Your task 


Can you create some of the hand shadow puppets and take photographs to send in to Class Dojo?


If you have the resources at home, have a go at making your own shadow puppet show! Get an adult to help you to record it and send your videos in to Class Dojo!

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