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There are lots of great ideas on social media to keep active at home, the most famous is arguably the Joe Wicks daily workouts, which is a great way to kick-start the day for everyone.


However, these videos are more like our PE lessons which will help us develop our movement skills. Remember to share pictures on your Class Dojo or with Mr Howes so we can see how you've been getting on!






#ThisIsPE - Coordination with ball skills

www.yorkshiresport.org/ThisIsPE Darren Huart has six years experience as a PE teacher, and today he talks you through games for coordination with ball skills.

#ThisIsPE - Footwork patterns

www.yorkshiresport.org/ThisIsPE Kids need to learn how to be nimble on their feet, and this 'footwork patterns' game from experienced PE teacher, Alex Ogden,...

#ThisIsPE - Throwing for accuracy

www.yorkshiresport.org/ThisIsPE Get the washing basket out, grab some pots from the kitchen and find some soft things to throw, like teddy bears! An easy to ...

#ThisIsPE - Rock and roll gymnastics

www.yorkshiresport.org/ThisIsPE These activities will help develop your child's coordination, balance and strength, which is an important part of their devel...

#ThisIsPE - Balloon blasting

www.yorkshiresport.org/ThisIsPE Ryan Ellis from The PE Umbrella shows you a fun game you can do at home with your child that will develop their hand-eye coor...

#ThisIsPE - Jumping combinations

www.yorkshiresport.org/ThisIsPE For today's #ThisIsPE we're going to be looking at jumping in combination. We're going to have three separate activities that...

#ThisIsPE - Agility

www.yorkshiresport.org/ThisIsPE Dodge and weave. React. Decision making. Agility. It's all covered in #ThisIsPE video seven. Make sure you pay close attentio...

#ThisIsPE - King of the Cones

www.yorkshiresport.org/ThisIsPE Who will be crowned king or queen in your household?! Instead of cones, how about books or teddy bears? Get creative with the...

#ThisIsPE - Fast feet

It's fast feet Friday on #ThisIsPE! Helen from the award-winning Horbury Primary Academy has a couple of agility activities that are great for sports like ne...

#ThisIsPE - Flat target accuracy

A little bit of everything in this one from Danielle at Gawthorpe Community Academy. Flat target accuracy will develop hand-eye coordination, maths, and thin...

#ThisIsPE - Catching

Here's an incredibly simple activity that will work wonders for your child's hand-eye coordination. Andrew Bode is a PE consultant for North Yorkshire Sport,...

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