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Practical Maths

Practical maths activities are a great way to deepen our knowledge, skills and understanding of mathematical ideas, concepts and vocabulary.


Recently, Class 5-6A have been undertaking a range of practically-based maths lessons - here are some comments from the class:


"I really enjoyed researching historical facts and Roman Numerals at the same time. This helped me to understand how to read and write years in Roman Numerals." Evie - Year 6


"I enjoyed measuring objects to create my own algebra problems. I enjoyed adding and multiplying to calculate the answer." Luke - Year 5


"Practical maths is really fun - and it teaches you new things!" Phoebe - Year 5


"I enjoyed measuring to work out range in Statistics." Zahira - Year 6


"I really enjoyed the algebra because you can take simple maths and make it more complicated." Daisy - Year 6


"I really enjoyed practical algebra because I feel like I'm very good at it now and I enjoyed maths in general." Arley - Year 6


"I enjoyed the lesson on range in Statistics because I researched historical events I'm in interested and that helped me learn more about both subjects." Sophie T - Year 5

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