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Thank you to all of you that sent in questions on Class Dojo. I hope you find our answers useful. :) 


  • Are there desks or tables? 

We have tables and we usually sit in groups of 4 or 6. At the moment we are sitting on individual tables due to social distancing rules but we still manage to have the same amount of fun!


  • Who will be my buddy?

We will be choosing Year 6 buddies when we come back to school in September. Don't worry though, all the Year 6's are super nice and will be a great help to you. 


  • How many people are in my class?

Great question! We will have 30 children in our class from September


  • Will you sit next to your friends at dinner?

Yes, you can choose your seat in our dining hall. The tables are set in groups of 12 so plenty of room to sit with your friends!


  • How long do we get to play outside?

You get a 15 minute break in the morning and 1 hour at lunch. In September we are also going to have a 15 minute afternoon break for the first term. 


  • Are there two floors or three floors? 

There are two floors in school that have our classrooms on but there is also a secret attic room where we keep all our costumes and props for our Christmas and Summer productions. 


  • When is it lunchtime? 

Lunchtime begins at 12:05 


  • Do we have sports coaches in PE? 

As part of your PE you will be going to Forest Schools so you will be taught by other teachers there. When in school you will do PE with Miss Rooney or Mrs Taylor. 


  • Can you sit with older children at lunchtime? 

Our lunchtimes are split into year 3 and 4 and then 5 and 6. So you would be able to sit with some of the Year 4 children if you wanted to. All the children play together outside so you will be able to make friends with children from all year groups. 


  • What time do we finish?

School finishes at 3pm


  • What school trips do we go on?

At the moment we are booking our trips for next year but over the last few years the Year 3 pupils have taken part in Roman and Viking workshops, learnt circus skills, been to the farm and visited the Jorvik Viking Centre. 


  • Is the work going to be a lot harder? 

We always look to challenge you all individually to help you learn and develop. So sometimes some things may seem difficult but I'm sure you're all willing to give things a go. We know all the things you were learning in Year 2 so to start with we will carry on from there and build on the skills you already have. 


  • Will there be more homework? 

We send home one piece of maths and one set of spellings each week. We also expect you to be reading at home at least 3 times a week. Over a half term we also set an optional topic homework to allow you to investigate our subjects more creatively at home. Our first terms topic is The Egyptians so here you could create your own 3D pyramids or even make your own Mummy!


  • During lockdown I have been playing guitar and piano and writing some songs, can I show you? 

Now this may not be a common question for everyone but I wanted to include it because my answer is an ABSOLUTE YES! We love you sharing all the extra things you do at home and even have a show and tell session on a Thursday to give everyone a chance to talk about what they love. So please, anything that you have been doing over lockdown, keep practicing. We can't wait to see it all in September. 

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