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Why do humanists celebrate new life?


Watch the video below…

Lion King Opening Scene - Circle of Life 1440p 60 fps - YouTube

What do you think the circle of life is?

What does it mean?


What do you celebrate in life?

What is being celebrated in these pictures?

Can you think of anything else that can be celebrated?



When you celebrate these moments …

  • Who do you celebrate with?
  • Where do you celebrate?
  • How do you celebrate? (What do you do?)
  • Why do you celebrate?



Humanists have a set of Key beliefs; these are what they believe to be true:

  • Human beings are special and human life is valuable
  • Humanists don’t believe in a god, or believe they can never know if there is a god
  • Humanists believe everyone only has one life and we should make the most of this life
  • Human beings should try to live full and happy lives and should help others do the same



Task 1:

Watch the film below about how Humanists celebrate new life. Pause the video at each of the questions and have a go at answering them!

The questions in the film are:

  • Where would you hold a naming ceremony?
  • Who would you invite?
  • What would you do to make it special?
  • What would you say? (Write up key words like: love, care, support, friendship, help, teach)
  • What promises would you make?
  • What advice would you give?
  • Why do we need support from other people in our lives?


Naming ceremony » Understanding Humanism


Looking back at Humanists key beliefs above can you decide which statements you might hear at Humanist naming ceremony and those that you wouldn’t.


  1. You are special
  2. God loves you
  3. Be happy
  4. God will take care of you
  5. I promise to take care of you
  6. Make the most of your life
  7. Be good to other people


You would find in a Humanist ceremony

You wouldn’t find in a Humanist ceremony














Task 2:

After learning about what Humanists believe and thinking about how we celebrate things in life can you draw a picture of a humanist naming ceremony and label key features that you think would make it special.

Share a picture of your labelled drawing on DOJO.

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