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Tuesday 12th January




This half term we will be learning about non-religious world views. 


What is Humanism? - BBC Bitesize

Humanists do not believe in a god. They believe it is possible to live a good and fulfilling life without following a traditional religion. They do not follow a holy book either. Instead, Humanists value traits like reason and rely on science to explain the way things are. Humanists believe that people have one life to live - there is no afterlife. As a result they focus on being happy and making the most of their life.



  • What is special about each of these animals? 
  • What is special about humans?
  • What can humans do that animals can't?



One thing that is special about humans is our ability to ask questions





  • What questions do you think these people might have when doing their job?
  • How might the answers to their questions change the world?
  • How did people answer these questions?
  • What inventions did they come up with?
  • What questions would you like to know the answers to? (List 5 questions)


Can you think of other questions that, if we could find an answer, would change the world?


Ask an adult in your house what questions in life they would like to know the answers to, compile a list together. Which questions do you think are the most interesting? Do you think the easy questions or difficult questions are more interesting.?


Examples of questions that have changed the world:

How can I cure this disease? How can I travel faster? How can I make the world a fairer place? How can I make sure there is enough for everyone to eat?




Have a go at filling in the happy human symbol with all of the things you think makes a human special. The Happy Human is a symbol many humanists choose to represent Humanism. It symbolises how much they value happiness and that they believe that we should celebrate what human beings are capable of.




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