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Thursday 21st January


Science Investigation


This afternoon's investigation is all about your heart. Right now your heart is probably going at a steady pace, because you're sat down learning. This is called your resting heart rate, but what happens when you start to move? 


Take part in the activities below and record your results in the table. Your teachers would love to see lots of pictures of all the different things you did to elevate (that means 'quicken') your heart rate and explore the science behind your bodies.

How to check your pulse

Investigation: Measuring Heart Rate


TASK: Follow the steps below as you carry out your investigation.


  1. Write a Prediction of what you think will happen in your experiment.
  2. Draw or use the Results Table provided to record your findings throughout the investigation.
  3. Measure your resting heart rate by sitting down and finding your pulse. Count the beats per minute (BPM), you will need to set a timer for 60 seconds and then record this on in your table.
  4. Then choose 5 different exercises to carry out at home. Take part in these exercises for 2 minutes each and then measure your heart rate counting the beats per minute (BPM). Record these exercise results in your table.
  5. Write a Method of the steps you followed (1,2,3 etc) to carry out your experiment. What equipment did you need? 
  6. Write a Conclusion about what you found during your experiment. Was your prediction correct? What would you change if you were to do this experiment again?

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