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Wednesday - Science

Local Living Things 

Today, we should have been going on a wildlife hunt in our local area. 

Some of the things we would have been doing were to :


  1. Ask questions about local habitats and consider how to answer them.
  2. Take a trip within our local environment (the school grounds or further if possible).
  3. Carefully observe the micro-habitats we can see around us.
  4. Record different living things we can see (animals and plants).
  5. Gather a small sample of different leaves and photos/notes of different animals.


If you do have access to a garden, feel free to go on your own mini wildlife hunt using the sheets below to help you record and identify what you find. Remember to take photos!



If you don't have access to a garden or would prefer another activity, why not create a fact file on a a living thing that can be found in our local environment? Use the internet to collect your research!

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