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Science - The Organ Systems

The human body is an amazing thing. The amazing things that your body does are supported by the organ systems that work together inside our bodies.


In our Sp1 science lessons, we will be learning about two of these organ systems.

The Circulatory System which has the heart as the main organ and helps transport blood around our bodies.

The Digestive System which has the stomach and the intestines as the main organs and helps water and nutrients get into our body.


Watch the videos below to learn more about our amazing bodies.

Human Body Lesson for Kids | Learn about the Human Body

This is a fun animated video lesson to teach kids about the human body.

The Heart and Circulatory System - How They Work

This animation features the heart and circulatory system and how they work.

Exploring the Heart - The Circulatory System!

Find out how the heart works, and how blood flows through your body!

Operation Ouch - Blood Vessels | Science for Kids

Beating Heart Animation: How a Normal Heart Works

Day in the Life of a DOCTOR: CARDIOLOGY (Shocking the Heart!)

Join me for a day in the life of a doctor! Today I'm on the cardiology ward in the hospital, seeing patients with heart failure and irregular heart beats - one requires a shock to the heart (electrical cardioversion)!

How your digestive system works

Digestive System

Hey kids! Have you ever wondered what happens to the food once it enters your body? What is the process of digestion? Well, Dr. Binocs will explain the different stages of digestion in an entertaining way for you!

Day at Work: Dietitian

Kim G. is a dietitian who provides individuals with delicious recipes and healthy choices to help them sustain a happy, healthy life! Find out what it takes to become a dietitian!

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