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September opening

September Opening – Tuesday the 8th


Dear Families,


We are on course to open the school as planned in September and have huge excitement to get the children back all at once for the first time since March.  Detailed below are some routines and timings you need to pay attention to but in short, it’s a replication of the systems we had in place that the children who returned for the two days in July have already experienced, so there shouldn’t be any great surprises.


The children are still required to be taught in class bubbles, and avoid mixing with children in other class bubbles as much as possible, but we are confident that this withstanding, we can bring the children back safe and securely and still deliver the curriculum, teaching and learning they have been sorely missing for the last six months.


Staggered openings and alternate entrances


As in July, we are staggering the start and finish times of different classes so that we can avoid large groups of children gathering.  We are also using two different entrances into the school so that we can keep classes arriving at the same times away from each other:


  • Classes 3RT, 4H and 4/5S will enter and exit through the playground as normal
  • Classes 5J, 6M and 6C will enter and exit through the fire door at the far end of Holme Street where the road ends.


Please note the staggered start and finish times for your children’s class:


Start and end times

Main playground entrance

Holme Street fire door entrance

8:30am – 2:45pm

4H – Miss Holmes’ class

6M – Mrs Munton’s class

8:45am – 3pm

3RT – Miss Rooney/Mrs Taylor’s class

6C – Miss Christou’s class

9am – 3:15pm

4/5S – Miss Smethurst’s class

5J – Miss Jenkin’s class


As in July, children must make their way straight into the building and into their classes and a member of staff will be on each door to help facilitate this.


Children need to be on time in the morning as we don’t want them crossing paths with other classes and piercing their bubbles.  Parents are not permitted to enter the playground or school and children will make their way immediately to class when they arrive at school.  We have spray painted 2m markers outside the school gate so that distancing can be in effect if you are having to wait outside the gates at all.


If you are collecting your child from school at the end of the day you will still not be allowed to enter the playground or school so please observe social distancing whilst waiting.  Consider only one of you coming to pick up your child to reduce the amount of waiting.  It’s important again that your child goes straight home (or away from the school building) so as not to cross paths with other classes.


If children are late, please contact the school by phone and a member of staff will let them in through the playground entrance.




Children need to minimise the items they are bringing from home but will be allowed to bring in the following items:

  • Packed lunches (if not having food provided by the school)
  • A reading book
  • Water bottle
  • A mobile phone (if you permit it) and this must be placed in the teacher’s care in a tray on entering the classroom at the start of the day.  This can be collected at the end of the day.




School uniform should be worn as normal as renewed guidance for reopening schools states that it is no longer important to clean clothing as rigidly.


Curriculum and after school clubs


Following guidance, we won’t be starting whole class singing or musical instrument lessons this half term.  If guidance relaxes, we will look to start these as soon as possible.  On top of this, until Calderdale reopens the swimming pools, no swimming lessons will start.  After school clubs will not restart until children can freely mix with each other.


A lot of events such as class assemblies and open afternoons will unfortunately also have to be placed on hold until we can safely allow mixing of students and parents within the school.


Contacting the school


If you need to contact the school please do this by phone or email, so that you avoid entering the building for any unnecessary reasons.


Previously, it was down to parental choice whether you wanted your child to attend school when we reopened in June and July, and if you opted to not send your child in, there were no repercussions.  You should be aware through the recent government messaging on the subject, that this is not the case for September and that all children should be attending as normal from the 8th.


If you have concerns in advance of our opening please get in touch with me directly (head@riverside.calderdale.sch.uk) as the relationship we have with our families is extremely important to us, and I would hope through discussion I can answer any concerns you might still harbour about your child returning.


Again, we’re desperate to get our kids back, as I’m sure you are, and in every other way possible remind them why they love and need to be at school.


Thank you for the continuing support that you’ve offered, which we’ve been very grateful for, and I hope this finds you and your family healthy and well.


Kind regards,


David Howes - Acting Headteacher

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