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Spelling 1

Learning correct spelling strategies is fundamentally important to effective writing.


Watch the videos below to help learn some of the spelling strategies we need in years 5 and 6.

Silent Letters


Their There They're - Homophones Song

your and you're

Your and you're sound nearly identical when spoken and look very similar when written. However, they actually have very different meanings and should not be confused.

'Shus' words - cious, tious words

The rules for 'Shus' words.

cial & tial rules

-cial & -tial endings usually sound the same "shul" special, confidential, initial, official If you're wondering why we have these two when one would do!

Suffixes ant, ent, ance, ence, ment. Adverbs with -ly

-ible & -able words

-ible & -able endings are both common spelling patterns for adjectives & usually sound the same. They mean 'able to' or 'fit for' acceptable, understandable, responsible the following words mean 'able to be' - available: able to be used or obtained audible: able to be heard breakable: able to be broken visible: able to be seen But when do we use -ible and when do we use -able endings?

Spelling and saying words with o-u-g-h

They are only four letters, but we can pronounce them in many different ways - those tricky o-u-g-h words.

Hyphenated Prefixes

Etymology - Word Origins Hiding in Plain Sight

Sometimes the etymology of a word is right in front of us, and we don't even see it.

Etymology - 25 Interesting And Somewhat Strange Word Origins

These are 25 interesting and somewhat strange word origins.

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