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Dictionary Challenge

Use a dictionary to complete the following challenges!


Can you find :

  1. A seven-letter word beginning with a and ending in r?
  2. A eight-letter word beginning with qu?
  3. A word longer than 5 letters that begins with f and contains three different vowels?
  4. A word longer than 3 letters that begins with p and contains ‘ty’?
  5. A five-letter word beginning and ending with l?
  6. Three words containing the letter x (but not at the beginning)?
  7. Can you make up a sentence where all the words come in alphabetical order? Use your dictionary to help you.


For example: 

Baby crocodiles grow longer over time.

All knights must prove themselves worthy.


Make sure you know the definitions of all of these words!

Real Write

The Holiday


If you could go anywhere on holiday where would it be?

Who would you take with you?

Which superheroes would you most like to have on holiday with you?

What activities or sports do you think each of the characters you named would be good at?

Which of the characters would you most like to be? Why?



Task: Everyone needs a holiday every now and then. Superheroes are no different.Write a diary entry from the perspective of a superhero character of your choice. 



  1. Date including which day of the week
  2. Time connectives you will use (list 5)
  3. What events happened? How did you feel? (Write down 10 varied emotions):
  4. Did you feel the same way all day?
  5. When did your feelings change and what made you change the way you felt?
  6. If this were to happen again what would you do differently?
  7. What did you learn from today's experience?
  8. Describe what activities you do using 'show don't tell'.
  9. Did it all go to plan?
  10. Did your holiday live up to your expectations?
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  • A diary is a written record of how someone feels on a daily basis. It includes their events, feelings and experiences.
  • It is written in the first person, the writer is writing about themselves.
  • It is written in the past tense, it has already happened.
  • It is a self reflection, the writer writes about their feelings, thoughts, hopes and fears.
  • Written in paragraphs and the style is informal.


Can you create a flip book of the superheroes doing an activity that you might do on holiday? Send pictures of them in so we can share your creations!

How to make a flipbook

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