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Thursday 3rd December 2020

To draft the opening paragraph of a persuasive letter


Before we begin, take a moment to revisit slides from Tuesday to remind yourself which features you'd expect to see in a persuasive letter.



Spot the error!

Read through the checklist below. Does any terminology look a little strange to you? The first person to message me with the correction can have three Dojo points!

Suggestions to Include

What a good one looks like



I am writing with regards to Bradley Chalkers. No, he hasn't done something wrong - although it's interesting you should assume that! Unfortunately, I feel that your treatment of Bradley is unfair. Yes he can be a nuisance, yes he can be rude, but beneath all that bravado is a little boy just begging to be accepted. Put yourself in his position, how would you feel?



I have significant concerns about your student Bradley Chalkers. It would seem that your treatment of him is, at best, unprofessional and you should be working harder to create a more inclusive classroom. After spending some time with Bradley, I know him to be a bright, conscientious little boy - a far cry from the aggressive nuisance you seem to loathe teaching. 



I wonder what sort of teacher you wanted to be when you first joined the profession. Did you

want your students to know you had favourites? Did you want some of them to leave at night feeling like failures? Or did you dream of inspiring and guiding young minds towards reaching their full potential? If that last statement is true, then you need to have a long hard think about the way you treat Bradley Chalkers.

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