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Thursday - PSHE


LO: To understand the importance of friendships and how positive friendships support wellbeing.


During these uncertain times we are all missing our loved ones and friends more than ever. It has given us the opportunity to appreciate the people in our lives and realise why they are so important. Below are some activities that help us understand the importance of friendship and how positive relationships help support our own wellbeing and mental health!

Friendship Activities:

  • Create a recipe for what makes a good friend.
  • Complete the 'What I want in a friend' template.
  • Complete the 'True Friendship Jam' template.
  • Draw a picture of your friend and write their best qualities around them. 
  • Write a card or postcard to your friend and post it through their door.
  • Ring or zoom your friends and catch up about what you have been up to throughout lockdown, it is bound to put a smile on your face. 
  • Complete the 'My friends are...' template.
  • Socially meet your friend in the park or outdoor area (ask an adult for permission).


Take photos of your friendship activities and upload them to Class Dojo!

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