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Thursday - RE/PSHE


Thinking positively


This week we are going to be looking at thinking positively and something called The Cognitive Triangle.


Task 1:

Big questions...


1) What are thoughts, feelings and behaviours?

2) How do thoughts, feelings and behaviours influence each other? 


Split your page in two, on one side list as many positive feelings you can think of(happy, excited) then on the other side write as many negative feelings you can think of (upset, worried).

*When teaching the Year 6's in school this week, they thought of a LOT more negative feelings, challenge yourself to balance the amount of words on each side.*


Let's look at a thought we might have...

> What negative feelings might these thoughts have?

> The way we feel (the feelings we have) then impact on our behaviours. What might happen if you have a negative feeling, what behaviour would you display?



Scenario- Your pet cat is quite poorly and is off to the vet with your dad today.


Thought- My cat is going to die and I won't be there to say goodbye.


Feeling- Anger, upset, annoyed


Behaviour- Crying, hitting/punching someone or something, shouting at someone


Choose a scenario above and complete your own negative behaviour flow.

Can you now go back and make the thought positive and see what impact that has...



Scenario- Your pet cat is quite poorly and is off to the vet with your dad today.


Thought- Dad will look after the cat and the vet is the best place for it.


Feeling- Hopeful, loved, lucky to have a cat


Behaviour- kind to dad and other family members going through the same thing. Grateful about the things you have.


This is part of the Cognitive Triangle.


Can you think of a scenario that you have reacted negatively recently. Write out the process you went through and then go back and see how you could have changed it to a positive outcome.

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