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Thursday - Science

Thursday - Science

Terrific Scientific - Light

Remember the investigation we were planning - well we will have to save that for when we get back to school. So until then, lets have a go at a different type of investigation - a home friendly version! 



To recap read the Powerpoint below: 

Task 1

Before you conduct your experiments I would like you to think about the following:


  • Why do we get shadows?
  • Why are shadows different shapes?
  • Why are they different sizes?
  • Why are some darker than others?
  • When do objects not cast shadows?


Watch the film “Why do we sometimes have more than one shadow?”

Why do you think the children in the film were able to cast more than one shadow?



Task 2

You are now going to conduct experiments of your choice to investigate the following questions:


  1. How does an object’s distance from the light source affect it's shadow?
  2. How does the angle at which the light source shines on an object affect its shadow?
  3. How does the translucency of an object affect its shadow?




  1. How can you create the most shadows?
  2. How can you make the least number of shadows (light source still on)?
  3. How can you make the most interesting pattern cast with shadows?


Carefully plan out your experiment and fill in the science investigation writing template below if you can't remember how to set it out independently. Take photos too and post them on your Dojo! 


Try to use as much scientific vocabulary as you can:

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