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Vikings: Raiders and Invaders

LO: To learn about who they Vikings were and why they invaded Britain.


 The Vikings came from the area of the modern Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway and Sweden).

They set out in boats called longships to ‘go Viking’ (which means to go travelling around looking for resources and land to claim as their own). The Vikings first arrived in Britain around AD 787 and in AD 793 they raided and pillaged the monastery at Lindisfarne in Northumbria. 


When the people of Britain first saw the Viking longboats they came down to the shore to welcome them. However, the Vikings fought the local people, stealing from churches and burning buildings to the ground.

The people of Britain called the invaders 'Danes', but they came from Norway and Sweden as well as Denmark.

The Vikings came to Britain looking for lucrative new items to steal and trade. They also wanted land that they could take and claim as their own. They particularly liked to raid monasteries, like the one at Lindisfarne. The monasteries were not very well protected and contained valuable goods like gold and jewels, imported foods and other useful materials. The Vikings also stole manuscripts and bibles. These were sold back to the religious leaders who could not bear to see them lost or damaged.


Task 1: Follow the slides or download the PowerPoint presentation to learn about the Vikings timeline. You will need to know these for the next part of the lesson!

Task 2: Viking Timeline Activity

Your challenge is to create your own Viking Timeline to help you remember and order the important facts about the Viking. You can either use the Viking Timeline Ordering template below to help you or create your own timeline to hang throughout your house or garden! (Check out the different timeline ideas you could try out below).

Extension tasks (optional)

  • Can you colour code and annotate a map of Britain to show where and when the Vikings attacked and settled?
  • Create an information poster, using what you have learnt or know about the Vikings so far: who they were, where they came from and when they arrived in Britain. You can use the Viking Poster Activity template below to help you with this extension task.

Final lesson recap questions…

Who are the Vikings?

What year did they invade Britain?

Where do they come from?

When did they come to Britain and why?

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