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Viking impact in the UK


Morning 5J,


As you know, I was super excited to teach you about the Vikings and your shields look magnificent on the display board (I won't take them down until you've seen them all!)


This first session looks at the importance of the grisly raid on Lindisfarne Island, where the first recorded attack on the UK took place. It's important because it's the first time historians have primary (first hand) accounts of what it was like to come face to face with ferocious Viking warriors.


As you read on and learn about the lives of the men they attacked, I want you to imagine how frightening it would be a write me a diary entry as though you were there when the raid took place (there are some colour coded examples on the slides).


As always, pick the task that is most suitable for you. Read the examples and check them against the instructions, where has the author used information in the text? Where do you see the historical information given? I know a diary entry is personal and would rarely be read by anyone else - but historians are nosy! With that in mind, what is the purpose of this piece of writing?


I can't wait to read them.

Miss Jenkins

Viking Impact in the UK: Lesson 1 - The attack of Lindisfarne Island - Slides 1-12

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