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Tuesday - Computing

Dance Mat Typing 

BBC Bitesize 'Dance Mat Typing' is a great way of learning to touch type and there are lots of fun levels to work your way through! You will start by learning the home row keys. Each stage builds on previous lessons, introducing new letters as you progress. You’ll soon be touch typing like an expert! At the end of each level you can test your typing speed and get a fun reward.

Why learn to touch type?

When you can do it well, touch typing is the fastest way to write. Many people quickly learn to touch type faster than they can write with a pen. The important things to remember are:

  • Use the correct fingers
  • There's no need to rush!
  • Always rest your wrists on the desk.

You should take a rest, and shake your hands and arms to relax your muscles if you get tired.

It's important not to look at your hands when you are learning to type. The best way to ensure that you don't look at your hands is to cover them up - you can make a simple box out of cardboard or wood to cover both the keys and your hands. 

You will need headphones or speakers to enjoy the song and dance in each game!

Espresso Coding


Log in to Espresso Coding and complete the Level 3 and 4 block coding tasks. 

Username: student31023

Password: Riverside3456


Check out some of the fantastic coding that has been going on in year 3/4 for inspiration!

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Still image for this video

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