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Tuesday - Computing



Back in school you started creating some fantastic blogs about a range of different subjects. Over the next 3 weeks we would really like you to create and design a detailed blog about a subject of your choice. If you would prefer to record a Video Blog (vlog) over the next few weeks instead, this is also an option.

Remember these will be a work in progress, so take your time over the next 3 weeks working on your blog.


Steps to creating a blog!


Step 1: Decide on a Topic

The first thing you need to do is decide what you are going to discuss on your blog. This could be ANYTHING in the entire world. With that being said, picking a blog topic can actually be a pretty difficult decision. Some of you may have trouble deciding on any topic. Others may have so many things they want to discuss that they can’t narrow it down. So, to make it easier let’s think about 3 questions you can ask yourself when trying to decide on a blog topic.

1. What do I enjoy talking about or doing?

2. What am I really good at?

3. What do other people enjoy learning about or doing?


Step 2: Decide on a program

You can use any Microsoft program to create your blogs including: PowerPoint Presentation, Word or Publisher! There are a lot of options online to choose from too including:

https://kidblog.org/home/ (30 free day trial)







Step 3: Customising your blog

Once you have an idea and a program, it’s time to customise your blog. Some people might want to keep it simple by just choosing a plain theme or some may play around with the templates and design. You can create headers and logos and all types of other creative things. It’s completely up to you!


Step 4: Start writing

At this point, the only thing left to do is start writing! If you need some ideas for how to begin your blog here are some to get you started...

About Me - To begin your blog you might start by introducing who you are, why you started your blog and what you hope to accomplish with the blog. It’s a great way to establish yourselves as being open, honest, and eager to do something important. 

About your chosen Topic - Start to introduce what your blog is about and maybe what your blog might include.

Other options for computing...


Dance Mat Typing 



Espresso Coding


Log in to Espresso Coding and complete the Level 3 and 4 block coding tasks. 

Username: student31023

Password: Riverside3456

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